Community Donation Program

Our Philosophy
At Seward Co-op, we strive to promote the health and sustainability of our community through several donation programs, including:

  • Natural foods donations to the Brian Coyle Center's food shelf.
  • Educational information regarding nutritional issues for public schools through the Midwest Food Connection.
  • Small financial or in-kind contributions to local organizations each month.
  • Ten cents each time a customer uses his/her own shopping bag through our Green Bag program.
  • Seward Community Fund - provides grants for projects that align with the co-op’s Ends.

Our Ends Statement
Seward Co-op will sustain a healthy community that has:

  • Equitable economic relationships;
  • Positive environmental impacts;
  • Inclusive, socially repsonsible practices.

Community Donation Program
We offer $10 to $50 gift certificates for use at silent auctions, fundraisers, or other one-time events. We cannot provide food or produce trays.

Our donation preferences are given to non-profits in the communities most commonly served by Seward Co-op (Seward, Prospect Park, Howe, Cooper, Powderhorn Park, Corcoran, Longfellow and Phillips neighborhoods). Priority is also given to sustainable agriculture and environmental programs.

Our donation program does not support partisan or religious organizations. Recipient organizations are eligible a maximum of twice per year.

Requesting a Donation

Please complete the donation request form and return it to our Customer Service desk. Include certification of your non-profit status, a copy of your program flyer, and any additional information about your organization.

Requests should be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event.