Leah Janus

Leah is an attorney with a Minneapolis law firm, practicing in the commercial litigation department. Co-ops have always played an important part in Leah’s life, beginning with family grocery trips when she was a child. During high school, she would walk to the Mississippi Market to get a vegetarian snack before soccer practice, and she later spent time during college living in a vegan/vegetarian co-op while working at a summer internship. After college, Leah moved to Cambridge, Mass., where would walk to the Harvest Co-op on her way home from work. She and her husband now live in Prospect Park with their son and daughter.

Leah says that the co-op’s mission encompasses many of her core values, which include passions for the community that she lives in, the state of Minnesota and living responsibly. She is also committed to finding a healthful and environmentally friendly way to live and to raise her son and daughter. Leah sees Seward Co-op playing a central role in this, and she loves the chance to give back to Seward by serving on the Board of Directors.